Health and Safety at Unity Theatre

At this time of great uncertainty for us all, we hope that you and your loved ones are in good health and safely traversing these unprecedented times. All of us at Unity Theatre have eagerly awaited and been preparing for the day we could gather again at the theatre. For us to gradually begin to re-open it is very important that we adhere to strict guidelines for your safety and ours. We hope that you will help us to give you as “normal” a theatre experience as possible at this time.

Unity Theatre will abide by state, local and CDC guidelines in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. As these guidelines are updated and revised according to the threat and safety level (sometimes on a day to day basis), these guidelines may be revised.

Unity Theatre will be observing the following health & safety guidelines until further notice:

  • All patrons will be required to wear a face mask/covering at all times, including during the performances.
  • All patrons will have their temperature scanned remotely upon entry. You will then be checked in (there are no physical tickets) and be directed to your seat. The lobby is closed to patrons.
  • Please self-screen before entering Unity Theatre for any signs or symptoms of possible COVID-19. If you are not feeling well or have a fever we ask that you please not enter the facility. For the safety of others, any patron who shows symptoms of illness will be asked to return home. We will gladly reschedule your tickets for a later performance or refund your tickets.
  • We will require each patron to disinfect hands upon entering the building and ask that you please do the same before and after any interaction with volunteers, staff, and/or other patrons.
  • Please maintain at least 6 ft. of distance between individuals not in your immediate group.
  • Seating will be spaced to accommodate social distancing, so seating will be strictly limited. Please remain in your assigned seat.
  • All shows (including those in the “Studio Series”) will be performed on the Main Stage to accommodate social distancing until further notice.
  • Performances begin promptly at the curtain time, and there will be no late seating.
  • A thorough sanitization of the theatre and facility will be performed after every performance.
  • There will be no concessions; however, complimentary bottles of water will be available. There will be no meet and greets in the lobby and no Player’s Club is permitted at this time.

Our hope is that you, our loyal patrons, will abide by the above rules so we can achieve our goal of safely and successfully re-opening. In the event you are unable to, you will be asked to leave and will not be re-admitted. It is important to note that if any of our staff, artists or volunteers should become ill, we would all need to quarantine for two weeks, and the season would be postponed or canceled. Then not only have our health and jobs been jeopardized, but potentially the future of Unity Theatre.

Your health and safety are a priority for all of us here at Unity Theatre, and we appreciate your support and cooperation as we begin our reopening process. Stay safe, and we hope to see you at the theatre soon!