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“A wonderful,
powerful show. Incredible cast!”

– Will Ritchie



Advertise in our Playbill.

There are four (4) Main Stage productions this season with the potential of 1,500 plus audience members for each of the productions. What a great opportunity for your advertising dollars to work for you!

In turn you will be helping Unity Theatre fulfill its mission to nurture the cultural growth of the community by means of theatre presentations and participation and training in theatre arts.

Size Seasonal Price (4 plays)
1/8-Page (2.13” x 1.69”) $425
1/4-Page (2.13” x 3.63”) $665
1/2-Page (4.5” x 3.63”) $950
Full Page (4.5” x 7.5”) $1,300
Inside Cover (4.5” x 7.5”) $1,500
Back Cover (4.5” x 7.5”) $1,650

For more information, contact Lisa Thomas
(979) 830-1460

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